SMART™ saddle range

With two distinct SMART™ base profiles and a range of styles on offer, the flexible SMART™ saddle fit can be optimised for both horse and rider in your chosen discipline – for any horse and rider combination.

SMARTTM saddles are available in a range of styles, so whether your chosen discipline is dressage or eventing or you are a riding club allrounder, there is a SMARTTM saddle for you. Simply select your saddle model preference or we can advise on the best options for you and your horse.

SMART™ saddles are available in a wide range of styles to suit rider preference and horse back shape. Whether you need a forward cut saddle for a big shouldered flat-backed pony type or a show saddle for a high withered horse, there is a SMART™ saddle suitable for any combination. Simply select your preferred saddle style and we can advise on the best saddle range and model for you and your horse.

The SMART™ Native saddle incorporates FLEXTechTM technology, with special features to increase stability specifically for wider, flatter back shapes. The low profile and shortened base shape suits the rounder back, eliminating any rocking, twisting or slipping of saddles typically associated with traditional breeds and cobs. The fit and balance of the SMARTTM Native saddle is designed to be adjusted using our easy to use SMARTTM Balance Pad system where required.

Suitable for:

  • Everyday riding and competition
  • Traditional breeds such as Mountain & Moorland, Arabians, Iberian and Cobs.
  • Ideal for adults on ponies

Designed in conjunction with and tested by 4 ★ event rider Simon Grieve, the SMART PRO™ saddle range is aimed at the rider who demands the highest level of performance at all times - ideal for those who are accustomed to a traditional feel and prefer riding in close contact discipline specific saddles. The streamlined shape, whilst offering a classic appearance, provides all the benefits of the high density, fully flexible, shock absorbing FLEXTechTM technology. Saddle-fit & balance can be adjusted with our easy to use balance pad system where required.

Suitable for:

  • Riders who demand precision performance at all times
  • Particularly sensitive horses or horses with pre-existing conditions
  • Both flat backed & high withered horses

This diverse, highly adaptable saddle range is designed to be easily adjusted between disciplines using the SMARTTM accessories range. Available in our ever popular GP, Eventer, VSD and Show styles for all-round riding and competition.

Suitable for:

  • Competition and leisure riders who prefer a multi-discipline saddle
  • Particularly sensitive horses or horses with pre-existing conditions
  • Both flat backed & high withered horses


The SMARTTM Native, SMARTTM PRO and SMARTTM saddle ranges

Dressage GP Jump Eventer Show VSD Price
SMART™ PRO * * £2,995.00
SMART™ * * * * £2,450.00
SMART™ Native * * * * * £2,350.00
SMART™ Pony saddles * * * £1,950.00

Our network of specifically trained Approved Advisors are available to visit you and your horse to conduct a thorough home consultation service. From your initial test ride right through to regular fitting reviews, our Approved Advisors are on hand to ensure that correct adjustments are made for optimum fit, balance and support for both horse and rider.

Saddles can be viewed and purchased via our online shop or contact us to discuss your requirements.

PATENT NUMBERS: GB 247 3332, GB 250 1202 B, GB 2501 201 B, GB 2501 200 B AND GB 2501 190 B


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